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Water Resource Info System



The Water Resource Information System (WRIS), has been developed through the cooperative efforts of water and wastewater treatment systems and local, regional, and state agencies. It is used by all these entities, and provides much of the information needed for all aspects of water resource planning--from watershed protection to infrastructure development. The WRIS includes a geographic information system (GIS), and information on water resources, drinking water systems, wastewater treatment systems, project development, emergency response, regulations, and planning.

The WRIS is comprised of strategic plans, water resource maps and publications, systems management information, reporting and regulatory requirements, guidance and training documents, procedural guidance and forms for project implementation and funding, and internet links to support services. Interactive maps in the system support planning and regionalization efforts. The interactive maps also facilitate drought monitoring and response, and rapid response to contamination emergencies. The GIS contains data for water and wastewater treatment facilities, water lines, water sources, storage facilities, sewer lines, and a database of non-spatial systems information. The GIS provides the fundamental data needed for the planning and emergency response activities. Using the GIS infrastructure data in computer models allows for cost-effective analysis of engineering alternatives, and facilitates the efficiencies needed to meet the needs of Kentucky's infrastructure development.

All the information in the WRIS is accessible in digital format via the internet. The development of the WRIS is ongoing. Its value, already significant, will continue to grow as it is more widely used. Recognizing that any large information base, no matter how carefully checked, is subject to error, we request that you, the user, report any errors you may find. Please e-mail us with corrections or suggestions.


WRIS Contributors

Kentucky Division of Water - Drinking Water Branch
Kentucky Division of Water - Groundwater Branch
Kentucky Division of Water - Water Resources Branch
Kentucky Division of Water - Facilities Construction Branch
Kentucky Infrastructure Authority
Kentucky Division of Geographic Information
Kentucky Natural Resources Information System
Governor's Office for Local Development
Public Service Commission
Kentucky Geological Survey
Kentucky Rural Water Association
Barren River Area Development District
Big Sandy Area Development District
Bluegrass Area Development District
Buffalo Trace Area Development District
Cumberland Valley Area Development District
FIVCO Area Development District
Gateway Area Development District
Green River Area Development District
Kentucky River Area Development District
KIPDA Area Development District
Lake Cumberland Area Development District
Lincoln Trail Area Development District
Northern Kentucky Area Development District
Pennyrile Area Development District
Purchase Area Development District
Over 400 water systems
And many others