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Welcome to the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority

The Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA), under the Office of the Governor and administratively attached to the Department for Local Government (DLG), provides financial help in the way of grant and loan assistance to communities for water and wastewater needs.

2019 KIA Drinking Water H2O Award

The Kentucky Infrastructure Authority has awarded the prestigious H2O Award to the Fleming-Neon Water Treatment Plant, City of Fleming-Neon, KY.

This project upgraded the existing water treatment plant at McRoberts, which was outdated and failing.  The Project allowed the City to maintain service to residents with improved efficiency while supporting sustainability through more efficient components, high efficiency motors and new pumps that facilitated improved water and energy efficiency.  The building now has improved energy efficiency/green infrastructure throughout.

The Fleming-Neon Water Treatment Plant has improved the efficiency of the water treatment processes through replacement of old outdated equipment with newer, high energy efficient components.  Best practices were utilized in the design of the project by implementing green infrastructure technology.  Best practices were also utilized during the construction of the project to continue providing reliable service to residents in the area while replacing the components of the water treatment plant.  The project was designed in such a way to allow the components to be replaced without interruption of service to the residents.

This project is funded through several stakeholders.  Kentucky Infrastructure Authority - $1,643,598, Community Development Block Grant - $1,000,000,  and Appalachian Regional Commission -  $500,000, partnered in funding the much needed improvements to the project.  The City of Fleming-Neon serves a population of 3,081 in Letcher County.

Congratulations to the City of Fleming-Neon, Fleming-Neon Water Treatment Plant


2019 KIA Clean Water H2O Award

The Kentucky Infrastructure Authority has awarded the prestigious H2O Award to the Max Rhoads Wastewater Treatment Plant UV Project, Regional Water Resource Agency, Owensboro, KY.

In recognition of rising chemical costs and employee safety concerns, the Regional Water Resource Agency (RWRA) chose to evaluate its wastewater disinfection process.  This evaluation focused on Disinfection By-Products being discharged as a result of chemical disinfection, as well as the safety issues surrounding RWRA employees handling these chemicals.

For the Max Rhoads Wastewater Treatment Plant Ultraviolet Light project, RWRA engaged in a relatively unique and in-depth consulting and design effort that ensured the agency would make the most cost-effective, environmentally beneficial and resource efficient implementation choice for the long-term treatment of Daviess County's sewage, while protecting and improving the surrounding environment.

In summary, RWRA's two-phased design approach was leveraged to account for the complexities of RWRA's Combined Flow Sewer System and Sanitary Flow Sewer System interactions and flow variations, within a dynamic system.  The approach also allowed for contemplating future capacity and flow changes tied to Environmental Protection Agency, long term control plan initiatives.

The additional effort put forth in the deliberate design and implementation benefits RWRA's rate payers through reduced long-term capital and supply expenditures, greater self-reliance, reduced impact to the environment via removal of DBP's and enhanced treatment of the Cryptosporidium virus.

Safety to RWRA employees has been improved through removal of hazardous chemicals from the Waste Water Treatment Plant site.  An overall improvement of effluent quality to the Ohio River and waters of the Commonwealth of Kentucky is anticipated. RWRA is confident that this project has resulted in the most cost-effective and efficient implementation of this technology while best utilizing the existing infrastructure at the Max Rhoads Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The project is funded through the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority in the amount of $3,566,001 and services a population of approximately 42,000.

Congratulations to the Regional Water Resource Agency and the Max Rhodes waste water treatment plant.


Final 2020 Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Intended Use Plan

Click on the following link to download the Final DWSRF IUP documents:

Final 2020 Drinking Water SRF Intended Use Plan


Final 2020 Clean Water State Revolving Fund Intended Use Plan

Click on the following link to download the Final CWSRF IUP:

Final 2020 Clean Water SRF Intended Use Plan


Other important links associated with KIA and DOW funding programs:

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Commonly Asked Questions 

What is the SRF?

The State Revolving Fund (SRF) programs are low interest loan programs for drinking water, wastewater, stormwater or nonpoint source infrastructure projects.  Examples include: water and sewer line replacements and extensions, new water storage tanks, tank refurbishment, treatment projects, and much more!  Our loan terms consist of 20-30* year terms with competitive interest rates.  Interest rates are set annually and have not been established for the 2020 funding cycle, however, current interest rates range from 0.5 percent to 3.0 percent. 

How do I apply?

If you are interested in receiving funding from either SRF loan program, you must coordinate with your Area Development District Planner to prepare an electronic Project Profile.  Information contained in the Project Profile will be used by the Division of Water to score and rank projects based on the published set of criteria. Requests for funding will not be accepted after the Call for Projects period ends.

How do I know if I will receive funding?

After the Call for Projects closes in December, the Division of Water scores all of the projects submitted for consideration and prepares a Project Priority List.  This list is released in May of each year as part of the Intended Use Plan or IUP. Projects are funded in ranked priority order.


KIA News

  • Did you know that KIA offers a loan product specifically for planning and design?  Commonly referred to as a “P&D loan”, a Planning and Design Loan has a set interest rate of 3 percent with a loan term of 5 years (interest rate subject to change annually).  Depending on funding availability, priority funding for the subsequent construction project may be offered after the planning and design for the project is complete. P&D loans may be consolidated or “rolled” into a construction loan for the same project and will convert to the construction loan interest rate.  Contact the loan staff at KIA for more information.

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