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WRIS Portal

What is the WRIS Portal?


The WRIS Portal has been developed through the cooperative efforts of water and wastewater treatment systems and local, regional and state agencies.  It is used by all these entities, and provides much of the information needed for all aspects of water planning and emergency management decision making.  The WRIS portal is designed to bring together information from a multitude of sources and display that information in one easy to use web application.  The Portal is linked to databases at the Kentucky Division of Water, Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection, Kentucky Department for Local Government, the Kentucky Public Service Commission, Kentucky Department of Education, Kentucky Department of Parks, KyWARN, and the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority.

WRIS Portal information originating from KIA is maintained by the Kentucky Area Development Districts by system visits they perform twice a year to each drinking water systems and wastewater treatment systems in the Commonwealth.

Important Links
  • System Data
    This link can be used to access the web-based forms of the WRIS System database for water and wastewater treatment systems.
  • Project Profile Data
    This link can be used to access the redesigned Project Profile web-based application.  All Projects must be mapped and uploaded, have a valid PNUM, and approved by the Area Water Management Council, prior to submission of a project using this electronic form.
  • Projects Requesting SRF Funding
    This link can be used to access a live report of all Project Profiles that have requested requested SRF funding since Federal Fiscal Year 2012.  The report will sort and sum projects by County and Area Development Districts.
  • Downloadable Reports
    This link can be used to access live downloadable reports.  Reports inlcude Area Water Management Project Ranking Reports, and Grant Status Reports sortable by ADDs and Legislators.
WRIS Portal Data Contributors

Kentucky Division of Water - Drinking Water Branch
Kentucky Division of Water - Groundwater Branch
Kentucky Division of Water - Water Resources Branch
Kentucky Division of Water - Facilities Construction Branch
Kentucky Infrastructure Authority
Kentucky Department for Local Development
Kentucky Public Service Commission
Kentucky Department of Education
Kentucky Department of Parks
Barren River Area Development District
Big Sandy Area Development District
Bluegrass Area Development District
Buffalo Trace Area Development District
Cumberland Valley Area Development District
FIVCO Area Development District
Gateway Area Development District
Green River Area Development District
Kentucky River Area Development District
KIPDA Area Development District
Lake Cumberland Area Development District
Lincoln Trail Area Development District
Northern Kentucky Area Development District
Pennyrile Area Development District
Purchase Area Development District
over 400 Kentucky Water and Wastewater Systems


Contact Person

Jocelyn Gross



2015 Water Management Plan - Executive Summary
(PDF - 7.87MB)
updated - 02/23/15

2015 Water Management Plan - Full Version
(PDF - 41.3MB)
updated 02/23/15

2015 Wastewater Management Plan - Full Version
(PDF - 23.7MB)
updated 02/23/15

Clean Water Project Profile PreApp
(FillInPDF - 382KB)
updated v18 - 07/07/15

Drinking Water Project Profile PreApp
(FillInPDF - 419KB)
updated v18 - 07/07/15

2015 CWSRF Call for Projects
(PDF - 210KB)
updated 06/02/15

2015 DWSRF Call for Projects
(PDF - 209KB)
updated 06/02/15

2015 CWSRF Integrated Project Priority Ranking System Guidance
(PDF - 555KB)
updated 06/02/15

2015 DWSRF Priority System Guidance
(PDF - 564KB)
updated 06/02/15

EPA Green Guidance Document
(PDF - 147KB)


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